Zentangle Artist Demo.

ATTENTION QUILT AND FABRIC ARTISTS:  Design Originals is currently working on a new Zentangle book which relates to quilting, there has been so much interest in incorporating the two art forms.  I am accepting submissions from quilters and fabric artists who have begun using Zentangle in their work.  If you are interested please contact me by email panda@suzannemcneill.com with a little information about your self and if possible some pictures of your work.  Thank you and I hope to hear from you, I am very excited about this book.   

                                                                              Beginning drawing for SWA demo.
     On my post last week I mentioned how excited I was to be invited to demonstrate Zentangle® and watercolor drawings to the Southwest Watercolor Association in Fort Worth.  I thought I would share part of that demonstration with my blogging buddies.  Many of you have experienced the zen-like, meditative state you can achieve when practicing Zentangle®.  I have had comments not only from the artists among you but also from teachers and students on how much they enjoy this form of drawing.  As Rick and Maria state on their website, "anything is possible one stroke at a time."  http://zentangle.com.   They equate these simple strokes of the pen to the moments of our lives, and how each moment makes up our life patterns.  The idea of no eraser with this form of drawing is also like life, you can not erase and start over, only build on what you see before you.  Beautiful words to keep in mind while living your life as well as creating your art.


      When I begin a large Zentangle and watercolor piece I use a pencil to do a rough sketch of the main subject in my drawing

        I  use a Sakura  Micron 01 pen to add a background and refine the image.


    I fill in more sections with Zentangle patterns using the Micron 01 pen.


     For the fourth step I use a brush tip Micron pen to enhance the darker areas.


     I then wet the paper and using my brush apply a splash of colors in different areas.


     As I see the colors evolve I use my brush to add detail work around the tangles to acquire more depth.

     It was such a pleasure to see some of my artist friends and meet new friends at the Southwest Watercolor Association  demonstration this week. Thank you to all who attended, hopefully you  went away inspired and ready to tangle.  I appreciated your warm welcome and kind words, thanks to Darla Bostick  who swore to me that all who attended were captivated by Zentangles.


     I am also thrilled to be invited to teach a Zentangle® class in November for Jerry's Artarama  ,the event is Art of the Carolinas 2010.  Jerry's Artarama is a great place to order artist's supplies of all types, they also have some wonderful demonstration videos done by artists.

Zentangle® of the week, enjoy and create!!

                                                                                                     Windy City.

                                                                                Zentangle of the week #11




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  • 3/19/2010 3:35 AM Joan Browning wrote:
    Suzanne - your zentangle art is amazing. I am a simple doodler who has come across Zentangling. These works of art of yours takes it to another level. Beautiful. Joan
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    1. 3/22/2010 3:10 PM Suzanne McNeill wrote:
      Thanks so much Joan, it took awhile for me to get to the point where I could take Zentangle to another level, since you have just begun I am sure you will be ready to expand your own Zentangle pieces soon!

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  • 4/10/2010 1:45 PM Jan wrote:
    I just took my first Zentangle class and I'm enthralled. Now to apply it to quilting!!! Looking forward to your publication combining the two art forms.
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    1. 4/11/2010 10:03 AM Suzanne McNeill wrote:
      Zentangle has some real possibilities when applied to quilting arts, would love to see what you come up with!
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  • 4/10/2010 6:13 PM the quilt rat wrote:
    WOW!!! how wonderful to see that drawing through all of it's stages FABULOUS!
    and "Windy City"??? well OMG! it is nothing short of spectacular!
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    1. 4/11/2010 10:09 AM Suzanne McNeill wrote:
      Thank  you, thank you I had fun coming up with the tangles and color combination.
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  • 5/15/2010 1:27 PM Kerry King wrote:
    he Craft & Hobby Association is a trade association made up of three major business groups, suppliers, buyers and business to business. CHA's members form an influential network of manufacturers, publishers, wholesale distributors, service providers, retail stores, institutional buyers, professional crafters, designers, teacher/educators manufacturer representatives.
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  • 9/5/2011 1:41 PM chaun wrote:
    I am interested in your new mandala book. Are there new tangles in it, or previous tangles put into mandala form? Thanks!
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    1. 9/7/2011 10:43 AM Suzanne McNeill wrote:
      There are 60 new tangle patterns in the book.  The mandalas pictured also include some previous tangles. The book also has some great ways to create your mandala from various artists.  Thanks for asking. 

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  • 5/22/2013 8:36 PM Pat Kagan wrote:
    Fabulous work! I love it.
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