Visit to Taos

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I am blessed in so many ways. My sister Amy lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I visit her every year.

Taos 1 sm

I love the white cross and arch.

Taos 2 sm

We climbed up the ladder to see how it was to live in the cave 1200 years ago.

We both love the Native American culture, adobe architecture, historic value, and wonderful artwork in this area of the United States. This year my other sister Brendy joined us.

Taos 4 sm

We visited the oldest continuously inhabited town in the United States.

We felt like the three musketeers as we toured Taos Pueblo, Bandolier Monument and Ruins, and just generally had fun catching up,  visiting and enjoying each other’s company.

Taos 3 sm

Blue sky, blue doors, ladders… everything in Taos is beautiful.


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Zentangle #150

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by Julie Evans

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