Art and Soul Workshops

Be Inspired! 

       Come Along and Be Inspired at Art and Soul Retreat.
It is right around the corner so don’t miss out. Check out over 100
classes being offered by 50 top teachers from September 30 to October 6,
2013 in Portland, OR. I hope to see you there!

Artist’s Treasure Necklace
Patinas for Brass, Copper & Iron! 
        Create beads, baubles, pendants and an art journal.. Add patina
to metals to ‘bloom’ overnight into rich colors… iron to rusty
orange, brass, bronze, and copper to verdigris. We’ll shape personal
‘amulets’ with molds, cutters, and basic tools. Some treasures are
durable resin-clay (better than polymer clay for this process). Other
‘relics’ are rolled and shaped metal and wire. Leave the class with a
collection of beads and baubles to string your own ‘Artist’s Treasure
. You will be amazed at the process!

Silk Scarves 
Dyeing with Sharpie Markers
     Take home THREE fabulously beautiful silk scarves (often selling
for $100 or more each in boutique shops)
with beautiful explosions of
color. The whole process of dyeing silk with Sharpie markers is
inspiring and fun. When the magic ingredient is added, it is exciting to
watch the colorful inks run, blend and bleed. Instead of working with
dye colors in separate messy pots, you can relax. Enjoy experimenting
with techniques – shibori, tie-dye, and free-form dyeing.

Zentangle 102
     “Anything is possible, one stroke at a time.”™ Zentangle® calms
the mind, helps reduce stress, and improve focus. Tangling is simple and
relaxing – really! Be inspired by the designs in this class. No
‘artistic’ talent is needed – beginners can take this class too. We’ll
learn NEW tangles and I’ll share the simple steps to drawing each one.
Explore variations on how to add shading and color with paints, pens,
and pencils. Don’t be left behind – Zentangle is a ‘must-have skill’. Be