Ceramics, Hiking and Inspiration

View a YouTube, creative ways to incorporate treasured maps with Zentangle® art.

Santa Fe, NM is an inspiring place to visit… wonderful artists, cutting edge art, and inspiration in every direction. This Spring I had the opportunity to teach Zentangle® at Tangle U, hold a sketch journaling class at Guadalupe Stamp store, and take a week long ceramics workshop from.
Fritts 1 copy

Debra Fritts showed us her special techniques

Amazing ceramics by Debra Frittz (debrafritts.net) caught my eye when I was in Abiqui, NM last year. I LOVE her women, animal spirit, and totem sculptures. Debra shared her secrets for sculpting and glazing clay.
Fritts 2 copy

Students sculpting faces, totems and creatures.

I love the enthusiastic students who attend Debra’s class. Each project was unique. It is always fun to see how student artists add their own touch to art.
Fritts 3 copy

Woman with spikey hair and an owl totem.

My favorite projects were a large face, a woman with a bunny, a sculpture with my three sisters, and small personal totems.
Fritts 4 copy

Enthusiastic students taking a morning hike.

The smiles on the faces of students started every day on a happy note. Up early to go on a short hike in the New Mexico wilderness… perfect inspiration for a day of art.
Fritts 5 copy

A perfect heart rock – about 200 pounds.

On our hike we found a giant heart rock. It was balanced in a canyon to be admired by hikers.

Zentangle pattern, enjoy and create!!

Zentangle #152

zen pattern 152

by Margaret Bremner CZT


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