Holiday Zentangle® and Gelli print T-shirts.

View a YouTube, add touches of the holidays all through the house with these easy-to-do Zentangle Trees.

Gelli Printing is one of my favorite painting techniques and it is so much FUN! I love to demo and teach with my Gelli Arts® plate.

Teresa Shanahan and her fabulous gelli t-shirt
Teresa Shanahan and her fabulous gelli t-shirt

Recently I was doing a short demo to a group of friends at an art retreat and got a BIG SURPRISE!  When I mentioned that Gelli printing worked equally well on paper and fabric, Teresa’s eyes lit up. “Could I do it on my plain t-shirt?”, she asked.  With my answer of “sure” – Teresa took off her shirt (it was an all women’s retreat), chose her colors and textures, positioned her shirt on the Gelli plate and Walla! – we printed her shirt.  Look for Teresa around San Diego, CA.  You’ll recognize her by the shirt!

Life - Suzanne McNeill

Rejuvenate - Suzanne McNeill

Gelli printing in my art journal.
Gelli printing in my art journal.

I love to print colorful textures and pages as the ‘starts’ for pages in my Art Journal.  Then I add favorite quotes with a bit of simple collage or stencil illustrations.  See some of my favorite quotes above.


Check out my book on ‘Gelli Printing’. Half of the book is how-to-do-it and the other half is what-to-do-with-your-prints.


Zentangle Pattern, enjoy and create!!

 Zentangle #143


Zentangle purse

helix tangle


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