Intuitive Art Journals & Sketchbooks

 View a YouTube, get some fun and useful tips to help create beautiful and interesting pages in your travel journal. 

     My favorite buzzword in the art world is “intuitive”, I love applying this word to my method of journaling. Intuitive is another word for instinctive. Art is instinctive for so many of us. We may get caught up in what we have learned is the “right way” to draw a horse or use watercolors but when you let yourself make art instinctively you often find your true self and artistic style. You are free to fill your sketchbooks and journals with whatever you are thinking of at that moment or dreaming of for the future.
      I have kept personal sketch-journals for many years. Recorded in these valuable books are memories of travel, friends, family, events and ideas. In putting together the book ‘Ideas & Inspirations for Art Journals and Sketchbooks’  I get to share my techniques, thought processes and tips that have kept me inspired to journal these many years.
     Teaching an Intuitive Art Journal class is another way I keep myself inspired to journal, I love seeing the wonderful art created by my students.  Student Cara Mozulski was so creative with her journal pages on elephants… I love the butterfly wings for elephant ears!
     I taught this class at the Guadalupe Rubber Stamp Store and Artisan in Sante Fe, New Mexico this year.
TIP: Jot down October 17-19, 2014 on your calender – Artisan Expo will be in Santa Fe again (tons of discounted art supplies, lots of great teachers, and an opportunity to visit  Art Mecca for inspiration). I hope to see you there.
    I will also be teaching ‘Intuitive Art Journals’ at Art and Soul in 2014. Hope to see some of you there, and keep journaling!
Zentangle Pattern, enjoy and create!!  
                    Zentangle #128
Seminole Patchwork

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