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Painting Trip to Ghost Ranch

View a YouTube, easy to make – perfect for the season, wooden Zentangle®  ornaments.

Recently I returned from a special trip to Ghost Ranch, a magical place which inspires artists, writers and other visitors year long. It was Georgia Okeefe’s favorite place to paint… how joyful to be able to trace her footsteps and surround myself with fellow artists, visions of majestic mountains, cliffs, wildflowers and nature.


The rustic setting took me back  in time to camps I attended as a child, and camp counseling in Colorado when I was in college. It was the second time I had the opportunity to participate in Darla Bostick’s Art Workshop, held each year at Ghost Ranch.


I spent the entire week painting, my palette is filled with my favorite watercolors… QoR from Golden paints. I LOVE these paints. They stay moist and re-wet with just a quick spray of water. Best of all, the colors are luscious and keep their vibrancy even when dry (unlike many other brands which lighten as they dry). I loved recording the vision of cottonwood tree leaves turning yellow gold, the purple and blue hues that appear on the mountains, and the colorful gardens of nature.


If you are yearning to spend time in the great outdoors I recommend a trip to Ghost Ranch. It is a safe and welcoming atmosphere, helps you get back to basics and realize how little you really need to be happy.

Zentangle Pattern, enjoy and create!!

                          Zentangle #142

Zentangle mandala

worm holes zentangle

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