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Zen-Notans and New Techniques for Zentangle®

View a YouTube, Zentangle Notan – Black and White, Cindy Shepard CZT shows you how to incorporate the art of Notan with tangle patterns.

Bring your Zentangle Art to life!  My talented mixed media friend Cindy Shepard CZT  mixes ‘Notan’ with Zentangle patterns for a great new look… ‘Zen-Notan’ designs in black&white. I am hooked – it is a perfect and beautiful pairing for Zentangle.
notans with frames
Notan is the Japanese word for dark/light, it celebrates the beauty of black and white and the interaction between the two. The Yin and Yang symbol is an example of this mirror image… one black and one white.


So how do you get started?... All you need is paper, scissors and a glue stick. The simplicity of Notan paper cutting combined with Micron black pens is addictive (a calm, positive, and good addiction, I might add).

Notan with Zentangle

The latest release in the Zentangle book series… ‘Zentangle 12 – New & Advanced Techniques in Black and White’ is available on  Amazon.com. Cindy and I share great ideas for Zen-Notan, punching, torn paper, stencils, masking, forks, scratching, ink blots, new looks, and activities for Zentangle art. You won’t want to miss this fascinating book filled with 30 new tangles as well as creative ways to tangle in “black and white.”
Zentangle 12


Zentangle pattern, enjoy and create!!

Zentangle #155

darla zen

Artwork by Darla Bostick

tree rings 3

Tree Rings

The Zentangle® art form and method was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas and is copyrighted. Zentangle® is a registered trademark of Zentangle, Inc.  and is used with permission. Learn more at zentangle.com