Yoga for the Brain Zentangle® Cards

     View a YouTube, get an up close view of Sandy Steen Bartholomew’s new decks of ‘Yoga for the Brain – Tangle Cards’. Full of fun Zentangle® patterns.

     The quirky, arty, multi-talented Sandy Steen Bartholomew has done it again. She has come up with the most adorable packs of ‘Tangle Cards’. You can choose from 4 different sets. Each set includes basic zentangle instructions, which makes it a great gift item for an aspiring artist. An index card is included with each deck listing the card number and tangle. The Kidz Edition has steps and strings especially for children, it even includes a card with variations on her cute Lilah Beans. For those who create their own tangles or want to have a deck devoted to their favorites the set of 20 blank tangle cards is perfect.
     Why not host a Time to Tangle Party. Each person can select a random card from the deck of ‘Tangle Cards’ and draw it on a canvas cloth. My favorite tools to use for this is the Roc-Ion Multi-Purpose Cloth and Sakura Permapaque markers. Once you have finished the game you add a few coats of clear varnish to have a lovely wall or floor cloth.
     Art and Soul in Portland runs from September 30 thru October 6. I am always excited to teach as well as take some classes from other fabulous artists. It was really heart warming to receive this email from one of my past students.

     Joyce wrote to me… “Life has been pretty complicated since I took your class at Virginia Beach but you have started something!!  I have been painting  on cotton, and satin and making incredible art quilts.  Many many thanks for a great class and tons of inspiration!!  Attached are photos of art quilts I made based on quotes from The Little Prince by St. Exupere.  These are just a few of the painting I’ve done with Sharpie markers and alcohol. I am getting rave reviews — have sold some of my quilts already!!  THANK YOU!!”

      Beautiful art quilts Joyce (,  thanks for sharing. I will be teaching this popular class “Dyeing with Sharpie Markers” at Art and Soul on October 2nd and also at Sparks Studio
Zentangle Pattern, enjoy and create!!  
                                             Zentangle #127 

Mixed Signals

The Zentangle® art form and method was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas and is copyrighted. Zentangle® is a registered trademark of Zentangle, Inc.  and is used with permission. Learn more at

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  1. Oh you never cease to amaze me with your artistic imagination. I can see using this Tangle in so many interesting and fun ways artistically. Thanks so much.

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