Zentangle® Birds

     View a YouTube – draw and tangle a beautiful bird using 6 new tangles.

    One of my favorite subjects to draw, paint or tangle are birds. With a little practice you can learn to draw beautiful birds, I give you a brief lesson and introduce 6 new tangles in my YouTube video this week. The 6 new tangles are Fins, Maize, Ocean Spray, Pinball, Chatter and Coral Seeds


     Taking art workshops is one of my passions. I love teaching but I love learning even more. Through the many years I have been involved in the art and craft industry I have taken a lot of classes and workshops. At the time that particular class may not even have been of great interest to me, I just wanted to create. 

      I can safely say I have come away from each class with renewed inspiration and having learned at least one new thing of value which I can incorporate into my own art. Many times I have traveled across the country or even out of the country to take classes with artists I have long admired. 

Jill Pankey’s art.. .I love this one. Jill’s art just makes me smile.

     It’s always nice when I can stay close to home and attend an exciting workshop with a favorite artist. I was lucky enough to be able to participate in a recent 3-day workshop with Jill Pankey. I adore her creative style and brilliant colors. Her work centers on the female form, and being from Texas many of the female forms are wearing cowboy boots and hats … another favorite subject for JillI love that she focuses on all types of settings and body types, Jill has a very humorous way of observing and presenting the female form. 

Having fun painting a blue goat and my grandaughter.

     Jill’s workshop involved drawing from live models as well as from photos. I could hardly wait to get started, I also enjoy creating figurative art and since I do many pieces with animals as well I loved experimenting with color choices and painting blue goats. What fun!! 

Zentangle pattern, enjoy and create!!

                 Zentangle #123


The Zentangle® art form and method was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas and is copyrighted. Zentangle® is a registered trademark of Zentangle, Inc.  and is used with permission. Learn more at zentangle.com

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  1. Suzanne, I have followed you since the Carol Duval show. You are so talented. I am brand new to Zentangle and am already obsessed! I am wondering if it is possible when you post a YouTube video of your tangles, if you could also post the steps that we could print out. I don’t always have my computer near where I am tangling. Maybe you already do this, but I wasn’t able to find it on your blog. Keep posting, we’ll all keep watching. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

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