Zentangle® Exquisite Beaded Ornaments

     View a YouTube, add some tangles to your holiday celebrations with these exquisite, beaded ornaments.  

     It’s that time of year again, the holidays!!  A cherished season – filled with family, food crafting and making. Whether special recipes, handmade gifts or personalized cards I love seeing all the creative ways people have of celebrating the holidays.

Lucie and Susan Meeks at Zentangle Playday.
     When I hosted a Zentangle Playday in October and met Susan Meeks and her daughter Lucie I knew I had to share these beautiful handmade Zentangle ornaments with you. Their enthusiasm for art and Zentangle shines in these fabulous ornaments that sell for $20 and up (a custom charity sold one for $50).  

     Lucie helps in the design process – choosing coordinating colors, beads and glitter. Each ornament begins with readily available colored balls, cardstock and beaded fringe. Depending on the complexity of the tangles and beading they can take 4 hours to complete. Susan has made hundreds of them over the past several years and credits her good friend Sarah Orr with teaching her how to make them.

Sarah Orr and Lucie at a Holiday bazaar.

    Susan belongs to a craft group that meets off and on during the year. They make ornaments, needlework, cards and paper-crafts year round. “I enjoy teaching preschool to share my love for art. I also share art with my fellow teachers. We tangled over the summer at our school church camp”. Susan teaches pre-kindergarten at Bellaire Methodist School for Little Children in Texas. It is a school Susan attended as well as her mom and her daughter Lucie.

     Susan sells her Zentangle ornaments in her Etsy shop ornamentsbysusan ,click the link  to view her wonderfully inspiring collection. Thanks for sharing your how-to for these beautiful ornaments Susan and Lucie.  Happy Holidays.

Zentangle pattern, enjoy and create!! 

                                                Zentangle #115



The Zentangle® art form and method was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas and is copyrighted. Zentangle® is a registered trademark of Zentangle, Inc.  and is used with permission. Learn more at zentangle.com


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  1. All of your presentations have taught me so much! I’v tried to comment on your YouTube vids but it won’t accept a proxy. ? Something about settings. So if you havn’t been getting comments…
    Thank you for all you teach!

  2. You are so welcome, I do get comments on the YouTube videos and a few on the blog. However, there is so much spam now on both  sites the spam filters may be too persnickety.

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